From raw materials to manufacturing, Acousticotton is an effective, environmentally friendly acoustic solution.

Other products, used for similar applications, are required by law to display warning labels on all packaging materials because of the potentially harmful irritants. Such products present the risk of hazardous particulates escaping into HVAC systems and surrounding areas causing health concerns.

When you decide to install Acousticotton, you're choosing a superior product that will help create an acoustically and environmentally friendly space.

Acousticotton provides acoustic absorption for walls and/or ceiling treatments in order to control reverberation and/or reflections.

Stand-alone, Direct-applied
The stand-alone and direct-applied application of Acousticotton is perfect for a variety of spaces. Acousticotton is particularly useful for restaurant ceilings, where you don't want the risk of glass fibers above food, as is the case with fiberglass. Spaces such as industrial facilities, machine shops and equipment rooms need to be treated acoustically, but do not have high aesthetic requirements. In such cases, Acousticotton can be applied directly to the surrounding surfaces. In spaces, such as concert halls, cinemas and theaters, Acousticotton can also be installed in areas that are out of sight to the audience (backstage, behind the screen, curtain or wall draperies, etc).
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Wall Systems
Acousticotton is ideal for acoustic wall systems, which must have an acoustic core. These wall systems can create a wide range of looks, depending upon the individual preferences of the designer and client such as stretched fabric, perforated metal, and wood panel systems.
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Ceiling Systems
Acousticotton is ideal for ceiling systems, which must have an acoustic core. As with the wall systems, ceiling systems can accommodate a wide range of looks, depending upon the individual preferences of the designer and client.
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Wall and/or Floor-Ceiling Assembly
Acousticotton will improve the isolation quality of a wall assembly and/or floor-ceiling assembly. Normally, a large cavity would be filled with batt insulation. Acousticotton is ideal for use in cavities that are smaller, such as a furring cavity. If the cavity left by a dropped ceiling is too small for batt insulation, Acousticotton is a perfect option.
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Hanging Acoustic Treatments
Acousticotton is an ideal material to use within banners or baffles that hang from the ceiling.
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